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Beauty center
Beauty center

Beauty center

Sanitizing with ozone, wellness and total safety!

Do you want to host your customers in beauty salons with fresh, clean and sanitized air? Would you like removing bacteria and viruses from your beauty center? Regenerate the air of your establishment and remove the pathogen agents, which cause infections and diseases.



  • It removes bacteria, molds, fungus, spores, yeasts and pollens. It inactivates viruses.
  • It removes bad smells of molds, smoking, animals and perspiration.
  • It destroys the volatile residue of the chemical detergents.
  • It repels little rodents and infesting insects, such as ants, cockroaches and bedbugs.



Sanitizing with ozone is recommended for all the structures designed to the aesthetics, wellness and care of the person, such as beauty centers, beauty institutes, beauty farm, wellness centers, nail reconstruction centers and pedicure centers.

Sanitizing of the air

Ozone is recommended to sanitize rooms, surfaces, walls, pieces of furniture, objects and fabric, such as carpets, curtains, couches, little mattresses, armchair and tables.Sanitizing of the air of: beauty cabins, entry, waiting rooms, aisle and toilets.

Sanitizing of the water

Water enriched with ozone is recommended to accuately wash all the surfaces and most delicate objects or those one which cannot be sterilized in an autoclave.Washing with ozone water of: aesthetic equipments (scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, etc..) and devices (vaporizer, laser machines and photo-rejuvenation, etc…).

Ozonated water-based therapies

Washings with ozone water are a topical therapy which removes the mycotic and microbial charge present on the nails and skin. The disinfectant, antibacterial and antinflammatory properties of ozone activate again the microcircle, increase the cutaneous oxygenation and improves quickly the health conditions of skin and nails, with no side effects.Baths with Ozone water for the preparation to the treatments of pedicure, dystrophic nails care and affected by mycosis and to the treatment of impure skin.


The beauty centers are places at high risk of cutaneous infections and an ideal habitat for the proliferation and the transmission of fungus and pathogen agents.
The typical activities of the beauty institutes, therefore, such as manicure, pedicure, facial treatments and massages, involve a skin-to-skin contact with the operator and in some cases little cuts and injuries, which increase the probability to contract infections and represent a risk both to the customers and personnel staff who every day carry out the treatments. Sanitizing with ozone, your beauty center represents a care and respect action towards your customers and the personnel staff, it protects their health and safeguards form possible complaints and unpleasant misunderstandings.

  • It increases the comfort in the salon
  • It improves the quality of air
  • It reduces the risk of infections
  • It contributes to the observance of the rules about health protection and safety in the working places
  • It contributes to the observance of the rules about food products hygiene and safety HACCP L. 155/2007
  • It improves the efficiency of your treatments
  • It increases the microbiological safety
  • It facilitates a positive image feedback

Official and exclusive distributor of SANITY SYSTEM products for the România market